Newspaper suggests Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder as Republican VP candidate

Strategists speculate Snyder as Romney's Republican running mate

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

DETROIT - A Tampa, Fla. newspaper can be thanked for the latest speculation that Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder could be on Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's radar for running mate.

The article cites the fact that the Michigan delegation has the best rooms and closest proximity at the upcoming GOP convention, second only to Massachusetts, where Romney was governor. Moreover, it goes on to cite what GOP strategists say is the Snyder story.

"Snyder has had a really good track record in the short time he has been in office," said Lynn Aronoff, political strategist. "He's eliminated a $1.5 billion deficit. He got rid of the Michigan business tax. And quite frankly, he won the state with 58 percent of the vote and he has crossover appeal. What could be bad?"

This is the second time talk of Snyder being chosen as Republican running mate has gained steam. Insiders were speculating during the Michigan Primary that Snyder would be a top pick.

Snyder told Local 4 then that he is perfectly happy being the governor of Michigan and there is plenty to do in the state.

Michigan GOP spokesman Matt Frendewey was asked Thursday night if he was a betting man, would Snyder be the pick for Romney's running mate?

"Well I don't bet, but I can tell you that if you look at what he's done in Michigan, I think most people would be crazy not to consider him," he said.

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