Real Clear Politics calls Michigan battleground state for Obama, Romney

Michigan Democrats don't believe national group's assessment calling Michigan a toss up

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

DETROIT - With a flurry of polls released in the last week showing the presidential race tightening in Michigan, one national political website is now calling Michigan a toss-up.

Real Clear Politics has designated Michigan as too close to call.

That's an assessment Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer isn't buying.

"The Obama campaign never really left Michigan they've had  a constant presence here  ever since the 2008 campaign. Twenty-four offices around the state," said Brewer.

Brewer's skepticism is met with jubilation from the Romney campaign. They do believe this is a toss-up and are playing to win.

"We have knocked on 150,000 doors on a single Saturday. It's incredible we've hit our 2 millionth voter contact. Our grassroots are energized and continue to grow stronger," said Kelsey Knight, a Romney MI spokeswoman.

Local 4's pollster, Richard Czuba, sees the race tightening. WDIV/Detroit News poll numbers from this week show President Obama up 6.7 percent in Michigan.

"This is not done by any stretch of the imagination; anything can happen here and it's going to be a very interesting three weeks," Czuba said.

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