Robo call questions voter registration in Detroit

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DETROIT - Call it suspicious, shady or last minute campaign shenanigans. A Detroit woman received a voicemail on her cellphone which started like this: "Hello, I ‘m calling from Campaign Industries.

Our firm worked over the last months to increase voter registration in the Detroit area. Due to an unintentional error by one of our employees a small number of voter registration applications including yours were filed after the deadline for the November election."

It then goes on to say while you won't have any issues in future elections you may have a problem on Tuesday. It then asks you to check with the Secretary of State to make sure you're registered.

Kimberley Thomas got the call and was confused.

"It will probably confuse other people just like it confused me and I know I'm registered to vote," Thomas said.

She's been registered since she was 18 and while it's not hard to get online to check your registration status or polling place this kind of call can be confusing.

When Local 4 called the 1-800 number that made the call you get a pre-recorded greeting that doesn't say much except "we apologize for any inconvenience our call has been for you".

Experts say take every call and every piece of political mail over the coming days with a grain of salt.

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