Senator John McCain campaigns for Mitt Romney, courts votes from veterans in Utica

By Roger Weber - Reporter

UTICA, Mich. - Senator John McCain courted the votes of fellow veterans today as he campaigned in Michigan for Mitt Romney.

"I worry about a President who leads from behind," McCain told members of American Legion Post 351 in Utica. "I worry when all he talks about is withdrawal rather than victory."

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McCain didn't mention Romney by name during his speech. In an interview before the event, he said Romney should not release more than two federal income tax returns, as McCain did when he was running for president in 2008. He said 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry also released two returns.

McCain also tried to deflect accusations that Romney worked for Bain Capital longer than what Romney has previously stated. "I haven't met a citizen of my state who has said ‘Hey, when did he leave Bain Capital?' This is a desperation attack by the Obama campaign because they can't defend Obama's record."

McCain pulled out of Michigan early in has race four years ago, and lost to Obama by nearly 17 points.

McCain is also attending fundraisers for Romney today in Detroit and Bloomfield Hills.

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