Thaddeus McCotter's lawsuit accuses 2 staffers of fraudulent misrepresentation

2 men accused of bringing humiliation, embarrassment to former Michigan congressman

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®

DETROIT - The lawsuit claims at the heart of former congressman Thaddeus McCotter's petition signatures mystery is his former close aide Don Dale Yowchuang.

Yowchuang, who had a $100,000 a year salary, was tasked with making certain McCotter's name appeared on the ballot. Yowchuang, along with 20-year-oldd Dillon Breen, a failed Livonia School Board candidate and former McCotter volunteer, are named in the suit.

McCotter accuses them of fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation, silent fraud, conspiracy and breach of fiduciary duty, among other crimes.

"The actions of the defendants, Yowchuang and Breen, taken either together or separately, constitute egregious, unconscionable behavior ... intentionally and improperly copied, altered or otherwise forged McCotter's nominating petitions which caused him to suffer public humiliation, embarrassment and scorn," the suit reads.

After Local 4 exposed the duo last week, the lawsuit spells out Yowchuang's money problems with the Delta Alpha Association.

While acting as landlord of the former Sigma Pi fraternity near Central Michigan University, Yowchuang paid himself roughly $25,000 instead of paying bills such as taxes. The DAA wanted its money back.

The lawsuit questions how Yowchuang could lose his Dearborn Heights home to foreclosure and within a year buy his New Hudson home.

"Given Yowchuang's professed immediate need for money, he and his wife's contemporaneous major purchase ... from going $252,000 deeper in debt, his loss of employment ... it is unclear how Yowchuang managed to settle his embezzlement debt with the DAA," the suit reads.

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The implication is one the Attorney General's office asked Yowchuang about -- whether he took a bribe and took McCotter down.

Local 4 attempted to contact all parties in the lawsuit on Thursday but no one was interested in appearing on camera to discuss the details.

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