VP Biden gets dinner with Detroit mayor, talks strategy

Vice President Joe Biden in Detroit for Mark Schauer campaign, gets dinner with Mayor Duggan

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

DETROIT - Vice President Joe Biden zipped into town Wednesday evening for a quick fundraiser for the Mark Schauer gubernatorial campaign before heading to the working dinner with Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan at the Roma Cafe.

The Obama administration has said time and time again that it will not write a blank check to bail out Detroit. Biden had this to say when asked if Mayor Duggan asked for a check:

"No, as a matter of fact it's the one thing he didn't ask for because he knows where it is. But look, there are a lot of not only physical resources but intellectual resources that are available and we have the advantage of being able to deal with some of the same problems that mayors are dealing with in other parts of the country," her said.

Duggan said they didn't talk about money at all.

"We talked about strategy. Everything starts with the job and I just want to make sure that as the Obama administration rolls out strategies on how to bring jobs and economic development to areas that need it that Detroit's top of mind," said the mayor.

The vice president said there are assets that can help rebuild the city.

"I've learned as vice president that you don't steal the President's thunder. I think when you hear the State of the Union Address you'll see our considerable focus on job training and the knew way of looking at it and about education and the role of community colleges. There is a lot of raw material here still," said Biden.

Biden will tour the North American International Auto Show Thursday morning at Cobo Center.

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