Wayne County Board of Canvassers to check primary write-in spellings

State elections director says checks will determine voters' pick for candidate

DETROIT - The Wayne County Board of Canvassers will decide which votes will go to which write-in candidate in Tuesday's Detroit mayoral primary.

Ex-medical center chief Mike Duggan is a write-in after being knocked off the ballot because he hadn't been a registered voter long enough before filing. Another candidate Mike Dugeon has since turned in paperwork for a write-in campaign.

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State Elections Director Chris Thomas says canvassers will check spellings of write-ins to determine which show "no doubt to a voter's intent."

Canvassers then will count Detroit's write-in votes. Election results are official after the board certifies them.

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Thomas told reporters Wednesday that the number of votes counted for candidates printed on ballots could determine whether a write-in "is in the ballpark" to advance to the November general election.

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