Write-in Detroit Mayoral candidate Mike Dugeon reflects on election

Dugeon: 'I never thought it could cause such a commotion'

DETROIT - Just hours after the polls closed in Detroit's Mayoral primary election, write-in candidate Mike Dugeon said he was happy with the way things turned out because more people than originally predicted cast ballots.

"This is definitely interesting – just to see what is going on.  I felt like I had some kind of fate going into the election.  It was positive because more people were heard and more people got out and voted so I guess you could say I'm happy."

When asked how he felt about the election Dugeon responded, "I never thought it could cause quite a commotion like this but at the same time it should have been my responsibility to know how severe the situation is. But, we're here and we're dealing with it."

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Dugeon entered the race late as a write-in candidate and there was a fear amongst many that his campaign could complicate things because his name was so similar to Mike Duggan who ran as another write-in. He is expected to receive a vast majority of the write-ins.

Dugeon said he doesn't regret entering the race but learned a lot during the process. "For people taking this so seriously from the get-go that says something.  That says something about the candidates, that says something about not just the people who are running in this race but the city's condition.  People are fed up and jaded by everything that is going on. So, who knows where this will take me."

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