Poll: Mike Duggan leads race for Detroit mayor

Former DMC boss Mike Duggan leads race for Detroit mayor, according to Mitchell Research poll

DETROIT - The top two spots in the race for Detroit mayor go to former Detroit Medical Center CEO Mike Duggan with 38 percent of the vote and to Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon with 17 percent of the vote, according to a poll by Mitchell Research.

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That means Duggan is outpolling the Sheriff 2-1. The No. 3 spot -- a distant No. 3 spot -- is Detroit Mayor Dave Bing with 8 percent. That 8 percent puts him in front of the pack of candidates with minimal support, including former Detroit corporation counsel Krystal Crittendon and Lisa Howze.

For Bing, pollster Steve Mitchell says the writing is all too clear on the wall.

"Dave Bing will not get elected mayor of Detroit," said Mitchell. "It's hard to make strong statements like that, but with the support he has right now I don't see that he can get out of the primary."

As one sifts through the data, it's interesting to note if Bing exits the race his support overwhelmingly goes to Duggan. It's also interesting to note that when the polling was conducted it was made clear that Duggan is white.

"In fact, in hearing that information, the margin went up by 6 percent in favor of Mike Duggan," said Mitchell.

None of the candidates are at the 50 percent mark, where campaign managers can start breathing easier.

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