Pontiac Housing Commission responds to deplorable conditions of apartment building

Residents are living with mice, bedbugs, black mold

By Priya Mann - Reporter

PONTIAC, Mich. - Local 4 received a response Sunday from the Pontiac Housing Commission in regards to the deplorable living conditions in a Pontiac apartment building.

Residents of the Carriage Circle Apartments are complaining about living with mice, rats, bedbugs, roaches, black mold and burst pipes.

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The apartment building is run by the Pontiac Housing Commission, which administers federal and state funded rent programs for low-income families, the elderly and disabled.

Ahmed R. Taylor, the executive director of the Pontiac Housing Commission sent Local 4 the following message Sunday:

"I would like to thank you for your attention regarding the infestation related to Carriage Circle Apartments. Our team have been working hard to resolve the infestation in the building and has recently completed an entire building clean out for bed bugs this Month and is currently awaiting any needed follow-up treatment for our residents. The Pontiac Housing Commission has contracted with Eradicate Pest & Beg Bug Services to complete the phase I approach, which included every affected unit in the building. We are currently at the stage of having any resident that is still having bed bug related issues contact our office so we may schedule a follow up treatment for that unit (per agreement).

In addition, once the bed bug process has proved to be effective, the PHC will begin the process for pest and rodents control with the same service provider. Due to different products and chemicals being used, it is not in the best interest to treat bed bugs and pest at the same time to properly resolve the bed bug infestation. We truly understand the frustration that residents are feeling at this time, however the PHC feel confident with continuous feedback and compliancy from our residents that we will resolve this issue.

Moreover, we are aware of the issues and concerns of our residents and have been consistently addressing them during a very challenging funding environment for Public Housing Authorities. The PHC asked that our residents will continue use patients and work with the agency throughout the Eradication Process. The PHC team is highly committed in resolving this issue for its Residents and Community. Please feel free to contact me further regarding this matter. Much Thanks!"

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