Pontiac woman awakes to find stranger in home

Woman told police this is second time man has entered her home

By Matt Morawski - Executive Producer

PONTIAC, Mich. - A Pontiac woman called police after finding a stranger inside her home.

The incident happened on the 200 block of Sanford.

Patrice Amberson said there's a mystery man showing up at her home, peeping in on her 8-year-old girls.

"He's been to my window at least three times," said Amberson. "I'm worried. I'm concerned."

Friday morning, Amberson was awaken by the sound of creaking footsteps.

"Something said something's not right, so I started walking towards the hallway," said Amberson.

Standing in the doorway of her twin's room was a man wearing a black jacket.

"The guy with the black jacket just popped up, coming out of my girls' room," Amberson said. "He just nose-dived out the back window. I just panicked, I panicked, checked my girls, trying to see what had happened."

She said the girls were OK as they slept through it all. Apparently, the man made his way into the home through an unsecured back window, which is now boarded up.

Police are searching for the man. Amberson has a stern message for him.

"Leave us alone. Don't come here no more," said Amberson.

The woman told police that this is the second time this same man has entered her home.

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