Porch bomb blast caught on tape in Warren

Two teens accused of setting bottle bombs

WARREN, Mich. - Exclusive video obtained by the Local 4 Defenders shows a disturbing crime in a Macomb County neighborhood.

Home surveillance video captures two teenagers placing bottle bombs on the front porch of a Warren home. After they light it, they take off running and seconds later the two bottles explode.

"I thought somebody was attacking the house or blowing it up, I really didn't know. I've been in Iraq and Afghanistan, I've been through bombings so I was really freaking out for a minute," said Richard Deal, whose home was targeted.

Deal believes the teens meant to target his neighbor's house because the neighbor's daughter recognizes the teens caught on tape.

The explosion was so loud; it woke everyone up in Deal's home and scared his children.

"They scared my family and we all woke up in the middle of the night. There was tinfoil all over the front porch," said Deal.

Warren police were called and sources tell the Defenders they reviewed the tape.

No one was hurt.

"As soon as I opened the door the water bomb blew up and I jumped back. Then my son woke up and a second one blew up as well," said Deal.

The investigation is ongoing.

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