Port Huron Police Department asking area businesses to stop selling K2

Police chief sends letter about concerns over drug's negative impact on community, younger generation

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PORT HURON, Mich. - The Port Huron Police Department is asking area businesses to voluntarily discontinue the sale of a legal form of synthetic marijuana.

Known as K2, Spice or a variety of other names, these products are often marketed as a herbal incense, or potpourri. Recent health studies of these products indicate a variety of negative consequences for those that may use the product for other than the intended purpose of sale. 

Currently the sale of K2 is legal in Michigan. Numerous efforts are currently under way to make this product, and all subsequent forms of it, illegal to sell or possess. 

Port Huron Police Chief Michael Reaves has sent a letter to all Port Huron Area Business owners requesting they lead by example and voluntarily discontinue sales of K2.

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"I am very concerned as the Chief of Police with the negative impact this product has the capability of delivering to our community. With an area already besieged with a variety of other substance abuse issues, the ability of yet another substance or product to wreak havoc amongst our younger generation is unacceptable" said Chief Reaves in the letter. 

Synthetic marijuana is sold as incense or potpourri. The material is a mixture of herbs and spices, sprayed with a synthetic similar to THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Ingredients can vary widely as can the potency. Some of the street names for it are: Spice Gold, Spice Silver, Spice Diamond, Fire & Ice, Yucatan Fire, Genie, Pep Spice, Blue Lotus, among many others.

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