Preparing for the snow

North of M59 could see 4-8" of snow

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 Try to enjoy your drive to work today. Tomorrow, you'll share the road with snow plows and salt trucks.


The biggest snowfall is expected along the M59 corridor and north – some estimates show the snow could be 4-8".

"It's going to make my life more difficult," said Tiffany Smith of Macomb County. "I hate driving in the snow."
But Smith's daughter, Aniyah, hopes tomorrow brings a snow day at her school, "I think I won't be able to go to school."


 We checked with county road commissions and here are their plans for today:

-Most of today will be business as usual with crews out patching potholes before switching to their snow plan.
-At the first sign of snowfall, crews are called in .
-One thing you will not notice much of is pre-treating the roads with salt or brine, The Wayne County Road Commission says existing salt on the roads will be effective.


The last time Detroit received 4+ " of snow was 12/26/12 (5.8")
Last 6+" snowfall 2/20/11 (8.2")