Prosecution: 16-year-old threw first punches in Utash beating

Teen tested positive for marijuana after being taken into custody

DETROIT - A 16-year-old boy was in juvenile court Saturday morning for his alleged involvement in the brutal beating that hospitalized Steven Utash.

The prosecution said that the teen was the instigator of the attack and threw the first blows at Utash. The Wayne County prosecutor says they can prove the teen allegedly beat Utash because he is white.

The teenager is at least 5 feet 11 inches tall and appears to be very strong. He missed standing in adult court and a capital crime by mere days, as he turns 17 next month.

He tested positive for marijuana after he was taken into custody.

The suspect's mother told the court referee that he is an "average teenager" and "known as a good kid."

An attorney representing the teen called the case "media driven" and said there was "no contact with juvenile court."

The referee noted that the teen has had truancy issues.

The attorney argued for a lower bond, but the referee said that due to the very serious charges and the great bodily harm suffered by Utash, she set the bond at $400,000.

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