Prosecutor works to keep Cipriano trial witnesses away from media

Jury selection begins in trial for Tucker Cipriano, Mitchell Young; both charged with 1st degree murder in 2012 baseball bat beatings

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

PONTIAC, Mich. - Tucker Cipriano was in court Monday as jury selection got underway.

As things began in court a new twist arose due to an ongoing battle between Tucker's uncle Greg Cipriano and Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper.

The Prosecutor's Office filed an emergency order on Monday working to prevent all potential witnesses from talking to the media about the case. The bottom line is Cooper wants to stop Greg Cipriano from talking to the media.

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Greg Cipriano started speaking out last week. He was angered and disappointed that the prosecutor would not work to hammer out a plea deal. He said the trial would be too taxing on all of the family, including Tucker's mother Rose Cipriano, who sent letters to the prosecutor hoping for a plea deal.

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"(There is) desire to put this in the national media attention, and it's at the cost of our family," said Greg.

Selecting a jury in this case will not be an easy task with all of the media attention building up to the trial.

"Most people have already formulated an opinion. Those opinions appear to be fair to the prosecution," said Mitch Ribitwer, attorney representing Tucker Cipriano.

Tucker Cipriano and his friend, Mitchell Young, are charged with 1st degree murder in the baseball bat beatings which left Tucker's father, Bob Cipriano, dead and his mother and brother seriously injured.

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-- Tucker Cipriano and Mitchell Young

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