Pumpkin throwing leads to shooting in Pontiac

21-year-old women in hospital after being shot

PONTIAC, Mich. - A group of youngsters hanging out Friday night on Sterling Street in Pontiac. But police say they were up to no good - targeting drivers, throwing pumpkins at their cars.

"They shouldn't be out on the street that late at night in the beginning," says neighbor Peggy Couture.

Neighbors heard all of the ruckus. They say the street gets pretty rowdy -  especially on the weekends.

"They go out and run the streets and shoot each other for stupid stuff that don't mean nothing," says Couture.

But last night this pumpkin prank took a violent, almost deadly turn. The group messed with the wrong driver.

A man in a silver Ford pick up truck wasn't having it, after a pumpkin was thrown at his truck. Police say the man got out, started arguing with the pranksters and then took out his gun and shot into the crowd. A 21 year-old woman was struck in the stomach. She is still in the hospital.

"I hope the person gets caught who hurt the person. But the young kids should never have been doing that in the first place."

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