Puppy rescued by Detroit police officer, Detroit Bully Corps

Puppy is malnourished but recovering, waiting to see if owner turns up

DETROIT - It was one puppy's lucky day this week when he got a second chance thanks to a Detroit police officer and the Detroit Bully Corps.

Late Thursday afternoon, Detroit Police Officer John McKee saw the small, stray animal rustling in some bushes at McGraw and Linwood in Detroit.

Initially thinking it was a deer, he inspected it closer and discovered the puppy hiding in the bushes.

The puppy was weak, and McKee contacted Detroit Bully Corps, a canine rescue organization which helps "Bully Breeds", specifically American Pit Bull Terriers. 

Bill and Missi Bellottie of Detroit Bully Corps arrived and transported the puppy to the veterinary hospital immediately, as his ribs and bones were protruding from his body and he was in need of help.

"We immediately took the puppy to Emergency Veterinarian Hospital of Ann Arbor where x-rays revealed he was suffering from malnutrition and food bloat. His biggest hurdle is that someone gave him way too much food. We understand that people want to help, but it is dangerous to overfeed stray animals, especially when they are emaciated," said Bill Bellottie, Detroit Bully Corps Co-Founder and Director of Operations.

The stray puppy, whose name is now McGraw, is now on fluids and in veterinary care.

He is 23 pounds, about half of what he should actually weigh, and is estimated to be around one year old. 

Anyone who thinks that McGraw is their lost pet is asked to contact Detroit Bully Corps with proof of their ownership, including medical records and photos.

He will be placed up for adoption after being put in the Detroit Bully Corps rehabilitation program if no one claims him as their own.

Donations for his care can be made online at dbcdogs.org or mailed to Detroit Bully Corps, 7555 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103.

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