Put annoying Facebook friends in Defriendtion

Facebook app allows you to tell friends when you object to material they post

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With no ‘dislike' button at their disposal, Facebook users are forced to endure their friends' annoying or obscene posts with no form of punishment for the action … until now.

A new Facebook app called Defriendtion offers users the ability to respond to those objectionable posts by filling out evidence sheets detailing the offense, and put the friend in a virtual "time out" for a specified period of time.

The act of Defriendtion is then displayed on the timelines of the offending user, as well as the news feed of the reporting user. The action can also be shared on Twitter.

However, the app doesn't actually affect the offending content. To change what content you see on your Facebook news feed, you have to physically change the settings for each individual friend.

Of course, there's always the option of defriending them for good.

What types of offenses would you likely give a friend Defriendtion for? Let us know on our Local 4 Facebook page.

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