Rachel Simone

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It's not Rachel's tall, model-like stance, or beautiful glow that reels you in, it's her natural ability to set a stage for people to share their stories -- Which propelled her to launch The Rachel Simone Show, an online interview series, covering young professionals who are shifting the cultural landscape through creative services, education, fashion, and other rising trends.

Rachel became aware of her passion for media at a young age.

Her father is a director at Local 4 News, exposing her to the world of television and journalism.

Rachel would often accompany him to the studio and imagine herself as a news anchor. As a young adult, and all throughout her entire life, she has been known for her cordial personality and her distinguished ability to put others at ease. Her persona carries onto the camera, as she inspires her guests and encourages them to share personal insights on who they are and what they do.

In 2012, Rachel launched The Rachel Simone Show to promote the success of young innovators and entrepreneurs from all around the world.

Residing in the Motor City, Rachel has had the opportunity to interview some of Detroit's finest, up-and-coming innovators; people like Tommey Walker, creator of Detroit-VS-Everybody, and Jor'el Quinn, actor and former member of Grammy nominated gospel group 21:03.

Interacting with young go-getters, and using her talents to support them, drives Rachel's passion, "Every time I work with someone, I can sense their appreciation for what I'm doing. It excites me to be able to help someone fulfill their dreams without expecting anything in return," she explains. "I've tried doing a lot of different things in my life, but this is what I feel that I was called to do."

Rachel is currently a broadcasting journalism major at Wayne State University in Detroit.