Racist graffiti sprayed on Detroit Grand Circus Park fountain

Racists graffiti in downtown Detroit targets President Obama


Vandals sprayed racist, hateful graffiti on the Grand Circus Park fountain Tuesday night in Detroit.

The graffiti was targeting President Obama, who had just won re-election. Matt Robb, an Obama supporter, also was a victim of the same graffiti. His truck, which was parked nearby, was sprayed with the hateful messages against the President.

"When I got to my car it was just doused in spray paint," Robb said. "And these awful racial slurs were all over every side of my truck."

Robb's truck likely was targeted because of his "Obama" vanity Michigan license plate. He worked as an organizer for the campaign for two years.

"It was obviously in the middle of the night right after the results were out. So, it was somebody responding with anger and hate," he said.

Similar hate messages were left throughout Gran Circus Park including racist slurs all over the fountain, again targeting President Obama.

"The city is trying to get back on its feet and they put that on the wall so the world can see it. That is upsetting to me," said Robin Waddy, of Detroit.

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