Red Wings fan dies after fall

Nick Artico, 23, dies in parking garage fall after hockey game


The excitement of attending a Red Wings game took a tragic turn for a fan last Friday.

Nick Artico age 23, of Allen Park, died from a fall in a parking garage after the game.

The young man took a risk that proved to be fatal, and now his family wants others to learn from a mistake that has left them devastated.

"He was the life of the party wherever he was at. I never remember seeing him without a smile on his face no matter what. Just one of the most pleasant sons you could have," said Nick's father John Artico.

John is hoping others can learn from his son's unfortunate decision, leading up to the accident. 

Friday, Artico was celebrating the birthday of his friend Anthony Savone.

The two had free tickets to the hockey game.

"We got to the game early, at seven o'clock. He wanted to watch the players warm-up, we were just enjoying ourselves," said Savone.

When the game ended they walked to the garage and up to a higher level.

Artico wanted to get a cigarette and said he'd meet Savone at the car.

Articos never made it. He fell 30 feet from a railing onto the floor below.

Witnesses said that Artico got onto the railing. "One person said he tried sliding down the stairwell, and he just, he went too fast and fell backwards," said Savone.

Savone heard screams and discovered his friend on the ground.

"Was next to him on my knees saying get up Nick, you know talking to him, calling his nickname. And he wasn't responding to me and I was yelling help, screaming. I didn't know what to do," said Savone.

Artico attended Wayne State University and was to graduate with a degree in economics next year.

Nick's father and brother hope the tragedy can at least be a reminder that no one is invincible and that no stunt is worth a life.

"I'd like other kids to hear the story and think twice before you do anything like that," said Nick's father. "Life is short and life can change in a matter of seconds, like ours has and Nick's did."

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