Redford Township flooding may lead to lawsuits

Homeowners want township to pay for damage

By Will Jones - Reporter

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Basement flooding last week in parts of Redford Township has some homeowners considering legal action against the township.

Candy McMahon's basement flooded quickly with a brownish sludge.

"It came mainly from my toilet. It looked like Old Faithful. It was just shooting up," McMahon said.

 The flooding in McMahon's basement was a foot deep.

Several streets in Redford Township experienced flooding from heavy rains on July 15.

Candy McMahon said several neighbors on Marion Street had flooded basements, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage.

McMahon's insurance will not cover it, so she wants the township to pay.

"I've also contacted a lawyer to do a class action suit because, I mean. there's at least 25 or 30 of us on this street that have lost big time. I mean, I'm not the only one," McMahon said.

Township spokesmen say the township's sewer system was not designed to handle the 5 1/2 inches of rain that fell in 90 minutes time. Candy McMahon said that explanation is unacceptable.

"I know they can't control Mother Nature, but they've got to able to, when we get these torrential downpours in a 90 minute period of time, there's got to be a place for that water to go and it's not our basements," McMahon said.

Redford Township residents who have flooding in their basements can contact the township offices and file a claim.


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