Redford Township police say someone is posing as Water Department worker

Police say Hispanic man in blue work uniform has been reported in other communities as well

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Redford Township police are warning the community to be on alert for a man who is posing as a Water Department employee.

In a statement, police said there were two reported cases Monday of a man trying to get into homes of elderly residents in the south end of the township under the premise he was doing work for the Water Department.

One incident was in the 11300 Block of Appleton the other was in the 10000 Block of Royal Grand.

In one case, police said, the man was aggressive and went into a home without permission. But police said neither of the victims were hurt or had reported anything stolen.

One of the victim's, a 93-year-old woman, spoke with Local 4 and said, "He walked in very bravely, said he was from the water department, and that they're going to give seniors refunds."

She also said the man was very convincing until he asked for cash.

"I thought dear God, what did I do? I've never done this in my entire life. I've been known to be very careful."

The man left the home empty handed, but the woman still offered this advice; "Don't open it no matter what. Make sure you see their ID. Don't buy anything that they say until you see their ID card."

Description of man

Police said the man's description matches that of similar incidents that have been occurring in Detroit, Troy, Grosse Pointe Park and other communities.

He is described as Hispanic, short and he wearing a blue baseball hat and blue work uniform. He was with a black car being driven by another man.

What should residents do?

Redford Township Water Department employees wear uniforms and carry Township ID. The water department employees also drive Township vehicles which are marked as such. Water Department employees do not collect or ask for money in the field. Water Department employees make scheduled appointments prior to entering citizen's homes.

Anyone who encounters the mentioned type of suspicious behavior or has information on the man is asked to call 911. Redford Township police can also be reached at 313-387-2551.

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