Reinventing the Little Black Dress

By Jon Jordan - Fashion Editor
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DETROIT - The Little Black Dress is a wardrobe mainstay, but it can sometimes suffer from simplicity, or prove to be seasonally challenged.

Javonne, our model, demonstrates how the combo of a little black dress and a little ingenuity can equal a lot of attention.

We began with a great basic premise: a short, form-fitting number from Dolce Moda in Royal Oak that yielded an instant wow factor the minute that Javonne dove into it. What's great about hitting a fashion home run like this is that it will continue to score, occasion after occasion, year after year, if you commit to some nurturing.

This featured dress is also feathered. It happens to have two Velcro tracks discreetly incorporated into its sharp-shouldered silhouette that can accommodate one or two rows of pheasant feathers. But we didn't rely on just the vision of the dress designer.

We had even more fun reinterpreting the dress with these spontaneous but spectacular additions:

-A statement necklace, or several layered together.
-A bow tie substituted for a necklace.
-A fedora or a fascinator to top it all off.
-Long gloves or even arm warmers to winterize the look-- embellished with bracelets or cuffs.
-A sheer, summer scarf tied around one ankle to coordinate with a feminine winter coat.
-A simple scarf turned into a shrug.
-Accessories with jolts of unrelated color
-The TIME required to TRY NEW IDEAS!

To find out exactly what Javonne is wearing, click here.

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