Remembering 9-11: Lessons We've Learned

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Time has a gracious and subtle way of dulling the pain of tragedy, while leaving crystal clear, indelible memories.

Ten years later, it is still horrifying to think about the 4 hijacked planes, packed with people, being used as missile-style weapons resulting in the overwhelming loss of life and destruction that struck us that day.

Ten years later, a mere photo of the smoldering World Trade Center towers or a news clip of the second plane soaring and slicing through the second tower, can take us quickly back to the heaviness and heartbreak of that day.

While our memories of the 9-11 attacks are still easily brought to life with emotion, the passage of time, now a decade, allows us to draw something new from these awful memories ..... Inspiration.

Like a camera's lens that widens out to include a part of the picture that completely changes the story that the photo tells, the passage of time broadens our view of the tragic day of the 9-11 attacks. While the central violent and heinous, focal point of September 11th, doesn't change, time reveals day after day more and more amazing lessons of the triumphant nature of the human spirit.

Ten years later, we can now see how many people whose lives were shattered, in one way another by the 9-11 attacks, have regained their footing, re-centered themselves and have renewed their lives, amazingly.

Partners who lost partners have memorialized those stolen from them, embraced their loss into their lives, while finding new partners to continue on their journey. Victims who were injured have struggled to heal and now seek to make their lives more meaningful. And the four, 9-11 sites have been or are being transformed into memorials and towers that reflect the need of people to be a part of living on in the face of devastation.

So, along with the tears for the catastrophic pains created and endured after the 9-11 attacks, there are slow and quiet days of incremental resilience and bold and daring steps of hope for the life ahead. The World Trade Center site, a towering symbol of that day's devastation, is being rebuilt with an architectural design that attempts to evoke the feelings of both the void and the hope that was created that day. From 9-11, we can all draw inspiration for our own lives, to fight our own battles, no matter how small or large, they are challenges we face.

Ten years later, 9-11 gives us the the gift of seeing how incredibly people can and do get on with it, how life does go on, even after the worst of circumstances, and how much our lives are truly gifts to be cherished.

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