Restaurant Gets Threats After Casey Anthony Verdict

Terrace 390 Hosted Defense Team Party In Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. - A downtown Orlando restaurant is responding to threats and boycotts following the Casey Anthony verdict.

Terrace 390 hosted a private party for the Anthony defense team and immediately received backlash from what happened inside.

Local 6 cameras caught members of Anthony's defense team celebrated minutes after the verdict was read and attorney Cheney Mason was photographed flipping the bird to a crowd gathered outside the restaurant's locked doors.

The same day, "Boycott Terrace 390" pages appeared on Facebook, and the restaurant also received angry emails and phone calls.

Restaurant managers posted a statement on its website distancing its management from the Anthony defense team and their actions after jurors acquitted Anthony in her daughter's death.

"It just so happened that that two second instance of something being said or a gesture being made was something that we didn't see and if we had we certainly would have put a stop to it," said Terrace 390 manager, Kyle Israel.

Israel said despite the threats, managers did not call police.

"We didn't think that there was any sort of threat that would go to that level that we would need to report it or we needed to make it more than what it was," he said. "Really more than anything else, the threats that we were receiving seemed to be out of the State of Florida."

But on the day of the verdict, the frenzy outside the restaurant was worrisome, said Israel. Managers only had a ten minute warning that the defense team wanted to come inside, so they closed the doors, made it private, and kept security ready. He says they weren't playing favorites to the defense -- just doing business.

"The people that come into our doors, and dine at our restaurant, and do business at our restaurant, don't always depict what our feelings of a certain case may be," he said.

During the trial Terrace 390 fed prosecutors, media, even Judge Belvin Perry. The restaurant is steps from the Orange County courthouse and Mason's office is upstairs.

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