Road funding deals being made?

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

DETROIT - We've all agreed something must be done to fix the roads. And right now, lawmakers are doing some late night deal-making in Lansing.

Multiple options are in play, but they all mean one thing -- a tax hike for everyone.

Detroit roads are to the point that rebar is sticking out through the pavement, just waiting to do damage to your car.

"You can't drive a straight line for a foot," said Danita Ford, of Highland Park.

"Our roads are so bad, terrible," said Reginald Bennett, of Highland Park.

Now, the arguing over how to fix it is in high gear in Lansing. Will there be a gas tax, sales tax or perhaps a combo of both?

Sources told Local 4 that a quick fix for this isn't looking promising; not because they don't see the problem but because it's an election year.

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