Robbery victim shoots, kills suspect at Detroit gas station

Man gets in shootout with another man trying to rob him at gas station at Linwood, Davison in Detroit


It was 12:30 a.m. Thursday when a man was putting air in his tires at a gas station at Davison Street and Linwood in Detroit.

A suspect approached from behind with a gun drawn and tried to rob the man. However, the victim turned the tables. He took out his own gun.

From there, police say the men had a shootout. The victim was shot but managed to fir another shot at the suspect, striking him. The suspect died in a nearby alley.

"I think it's sad the guy is robbing people and sticking up people here in this neighborhood," said Mario Johnson, who live sin the area.

The Citgo gas station where this happened has been in the news before. It is the same gas station where Pastor Marvin Winans was attacked and carjacked last year. People who live in the area say they are tired of all the trouble that happens here.

"A lot of people hanging out here, but it's just a few people that are bad. You don't who is bad or not until they come up on you the wrong way. We need the protection. We need the police, so you feel safe. This is messing up the businesses and how you feel about coming here," said Johnson.

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