Rochester Hills man fighting to save his blue spruce trees

Local company says row of trees are hazard to nearby power lines

By Sandra Ali - Anchor/Reporter

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. - A Rochester Hills man is going to great lengths to save his trees.

David Uglialoro and his wife, Lisa, bought their Rochester Hills home nearly two years ago.

The biggest selling point for them was a row of nine blue spruce trees all lined up behind the deck in their backyard.

But now a local company is threatening to take them down, saying the trees are a hazard to nearby power lines.

"They marked the trees and said we are taking the trees," said Uglialoro.

A representative for ITC Michigan put a door-hanger in front of the couple's home Thursday night, letting them know someone would be coming by soon to start taking them down.

The electricity transmission company, based in Novi, said the trees are dangerously close to their high-voltage power lines.

The family plans to fight this. They've already called an attorney.

Other neighbors are upset too. They're calling on local lawmakers in Rochester Hills to help.

ITC of Michigan released the following statement:

"The safety of homeowners and the reliability of the transmission system are our top priorities. Because of its high voltage, this line is subject to regulation by federal agencies, which mandate zero-tolerance for vegetation-related outages. In this instance, we are within our rights of way as set forth in the relevant utility easement.

ITC appreciates that tree removal can be a sensitive issue for property owners, so we have had ongoing communications with homeowners and the local government."

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