Roseville police: Fake city workers targeted 80-year-old man

Victim trapped in bathroom while home ransacked

ROSEVILLE, Mich. - An 80-year-old Roseville man has been targeted by two men who faked being city water workers.

Police said the two fake workers showed up at the 80-year-old victim's door Thursday afternoon in the 28000 block of Cole Street.

One of the men claimed he needed to check the victim's water supply and was allowed into the home.

Police said the fake water worker first ran the tap in the kitchen and then asked to check the bathroom.

Once inside the bathroom, police said, the fake worker shut the door and held it shut, trapping the victim in the bathroom.

The victim struggled with the fake worker and was eventually able to get the door open.

The two imposters fled the home, but the victim discovered that his bedroom drawers had been ransacked.

Police said it appeared the second fake worker had gone looking for valuables while the first fake worker had kept the victim in the bathroom.

The victim wasn't physically hurt.

Police only have a description for one of the fake workers: A white man in his mid-30s, 5 feet 6 inches tall, between 180 - 190 pounds, and wearing jeans.

The fake workers were seen fleeing in a dark colored full size van.

Police said anyone claiming to be from city would be carrying an photo identification car and have a clearly marked car with the City of Roseville logo on it.

Anyone with doubts on whether someone who claims to be a city worker really is one should not allow them inside a home and immediately call police.

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