Royal Oak continues to see rash of car thefts, break-ins

Recent increase of car thefts, break-ins has Royal Oak neighbors on high alert

By Will Jones - Reporter

ROYAL OAK, Mich. - After more than a dozen break-ins of cars and homes this month, neighbors in this Royal Oak community are keeping watch, and so are the dogs.

Two weeks ago, Larry Stafford's dog stood guard as a man attempted to break into the home across the street in the middle of the day on Robinwood. The dog's barks got Stafford's attention.

"I just happened to come outside and I was looking at (the dog) and she was sitting in a real staunch position. She was looking like right through me. I just happened to look across the street and I see the guy at the back door,"

Just a couple of days ago around the corner on Nakota, a neighbor spotted a man trying to steal the wheels off of an SUV. The neighbor called police.

The car now is on blocks. It's not the only case like this that is under investigation.

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"It seems like you'd have to be awfully quiet, or take your time and do it right in order to get something like that," said neighbor Steven Stewart.

Police say most of the cars broken into during the past couple of weeks were unlocked. Neighbor Roseanne Llewellyn says she is more cautious now and checking to make sure her car doors and home are locked.

"Keeping my screen doors locked. I have a dog now and she has different barks and I can tell. In fact, that night she was barking at something and I got up and I leave my porch light on," she said.

Police have made one arrest. Zachary Deming is behind bars while he stands accused of breaking into two homes and a garage in the 1000 block of Iroquois. Police are trying to determine if he is connected to the other cases in the city.

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