Ruth to the Rescue helps Wayne State student with scholarship snafu

DETROIT - A freshman at Wayne State University found himself without all his scholarship money when this fall semester began.

Eighteen-year-old Trevor Kirsch is studying Civil Engineering in Detroit.

He says he worked hard in preparation for paying all his college-related expenses.

"I worked all summer. I had a job so I could pay for school," freshman Trevor Kirsch told Ruth to the Rescue.

The Long, Busy Road To Green and Gold

Before earning his acceptance letter to enter Wayne State University, Kirsch was a successful student at L'Anse Creuse High School-North. He was the high school's 2012 salutatorian and scored a handful of scholarships to cover the financial costs that go into earning a college degree.

In late July, Trevor's scholarship money started arriving. However, a 15-hundred dollar check from the Michigan Society of Professional Engineers never showed up.

"My parents are hardworking people, I want to give them a chance. I want to pay for this myself. loans are in my name. I need this money," Trevor told Ruth to the Rescue.

Kirsch says he and his mother spent weeks trying to confirm the check would be there, but worried about the response.

"I wasn't getting a good one, obviously. I was like being bounced around from multiple people," he said.

Ruth to the Rescue Takes the Case

That's when his mother, Sue, called Ruth to the Rescue.

Less than 24 hours after the Ruth to the Rescue team contacted the  Michigan Society of Professional Engineers, it's secretary and executive director, Nancy McClain, hand-delivered a check to Wayne State.

McClain released a statement saying, "We are pleased to inform you that a replacement check has been provided to Wayne State University for his scholarship.  it appears that the original check was lost in transit between our office and the University."

"I am very happy that I don't have to worry about it anymore, because now I know I am going to get this money that I earned," said Kirsch. "I believe that I received this check because Ruth to the Rescue came in and helped."

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