Same-sex couples apply for adoptions in Oakland County

County adoption office ready to assign caseworkers to same-sex couples applying for adoption

By Roger Weber - Reporter

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. - On Saturday, Michele and her partner married in Oakland County.

Today the women plan to file an application for joint adoption of their son and daughter.

"We just need a valid marriage license and certificate, of which I have both," said

Governor Rick Snyder said Wednesday that the recent marriages of 320 same-sex couples were valid. Lauren Howard, the chief of Oakland County's adoption office, was paying close attention to what he said.

"It is significant because if we have a valid marriage, that changes things that we've never had before," said Howard.

The governor also said that because Judge Friedman's ruling was stayed those marriages carry no rights. But Howard, after conferring with other lawyers, has now decided to assign caseworkers to same-sex couples who've applied to adopt. They will do to do home evaluations and background checks -- as they do for all couples.

"It's the judicial branch that determines whether there can be an adoption -- a judge determines that," said Howard.

Michele was heading to the county offices to file the papers on Thursday.

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"I'm excited about it. I'm excited for them to come in and see our home, how we've been living. We are the parents of these children and I just can't wait for it to be done. That's the reason we rushed out and did this," she said.

According to the county at least five or six other same-sex couples who were married Saturday have submitted applications.

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