Search underway for body of missing Troy man; police turn focus to Genesee County

Police search several locations in Genesee County for body of 55-year-old Patrick Mikes Sr.

PONTIAC, Mich. -

The search is under way in Genesee County for the body of 55-year-old Patrick Mikes Sr., whose sons reported him missing Sunday.

Local 4 has learned that several locations are being searched in Genesee County including an area near the Brent Run landfill in Montrose Township. The Holly Recreation Center in Oakland County also was being searched. State police cadaver dogs are being used in the search. The search has been focused in wooded areas.

Police are also handing out flyers asking nearby residents whether they've seen a charcoal colored Infinity in the area over the past couple of days. Investigators are also going door to door looking for leads.

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Troy police have said they believe Mikes Sr. was killed in the basement of his home.

"Investigators are attempting to reconstruct a timeline of Patrick Mikes Jr's whereabouts from Friday July 27 to Sunday morning July 29  in order to assist in the recovery of the body," Troy police said in a statement.

Sources say evidence points to Mikes' oldest son and he is a suspect in his father's disappearance.

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The search is based on phone records of Mikes Jr. from Friday, the last day his dad was seen alive.

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"Investigators have discounted Patrick Mikes Jr's report that Mr. Mikes left the home at 5:30 PM to go for a bike ride. Mr. Mikes was home Thursday night. Mr. Mikes did not show up for work Friday morning and has not been seen since that time," police said in a statement.

Blood and other evidence were found in the basement of Mikes' Troy home. The Oakland County Medical Examiner says it is highly unlikely anyone would live through whatever happened in that basement.

Police now have video from a local store which shows someone buying cleaning supplies on Sunday.

Neighbors said Mikes, an avid bicyclist, left for a bike ride Friday. However, police said his helmet and bike shoes have been found at his home, and suspect he wouldn't leave for a ride without them.

Son charged with credit card fraud

Patrick Mikes Jr., 21, was arraigned Wednesday on three counts of illegally using a financial transaction device. He pleaded not-guilty and his bail was set at $50,000. He is scheduled to be back in court Aug. 13.

Mikes is accused of using a credit card that didn't belong to him at Great Lakes Crossing on July 26.

Police said the card the 21-year-old used did not belong to his father. It was his younger brother's card.

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