Serial thieves arrested after breaking into marijuana provisioning center on Detroit's east side

2 men break into building through roof

DETROIT - Detroit police have arrested two men believed to be responsible for hitting a variety of pharmacies, dispensaries and fast food restaurants.

It took top-tier security at a marijuana provisioning center to help get them. The men thought they were being clever, but from the moment their hammers hit the roof, the silent alarms were triggered.

Nature's Alternative is different from the majority of dispensaries or provisioning centers. There are no flashing green lights, no neon, no pungent smell and nobody smoking or vaping in the marking lot. It specializes in pediatric cancer patients.

"We wanted to create a really professional medical facility that you could bring your grandma to," co-owner Adam MacDonald said.

They designed their security system for just that purpose. The thieves didn't know that their hammers and crowbars would trigger pressure pads and silent alarms when they hit the roof.

While they were dropping in, they were captured on crystal-clear video. MacDonald was watching it on his phone, and Detroit police were on the way.

"I headed down here as fast as I could," MacDonald said. "I met the first officers, who were here from the B&E task force."

MacDonald could see the men were still in the building with no idea police were outside waiting for them. A firetruck even went to the scene so officers could swarm the roof.

The thieves were frustrated in their attempts to get money and products in the building because the vault was tight. They resorted to trying to steal monitors. But by the time they got back up on the roof, Detroit police were ready for them.

"I found out they are notorious for hitting either provisioning centers, pharmacies, dollar stores, fast food restaurants," MacDonald said. "(They're) just hardcore criminals that are not going to stop."

Marijuana provisioning centers are required by the state to have certain security measures in place, but Nature’s Alternative exceeds what’s required.

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