Sexually explicit conversations revealed in Charles Pugh deposition video

By Kimberly Gill - Anchor

DETROIT - Former Detroit City Council president Charles Pugh did not attend the civil trial but he did testify in a video deposition on Oct. 27.

Hundreds of text messages were exchanged between the 17-year-old accusers and Pugh. Many of the messages were sexually explicit.

Pugh wrote in one text message that he liked the teen.

Text message from Pugh to teen: "Truth is, I've had a crush on you all year!! I just couldn't say or do anything about it until now. I think u kinda knew though lol."

However, he seemed to have amnesia when asked about it in the deposition.

"I do not remember sending this text message," he said.

Then it became evident that Pugh had been busted.

Text message from teen to Pugh: "Everything between us has to stop. My mom knows what is up and it going to report you, don't text back."

Pugh's text message response: "Wow. Tell your mom to call me. We can work something out. This is crazy. I just wanted to help u :-("

The jury awarded $250,000 to Pugh's accuser on Monday. The jury found Pugh not liable for sexual harassment. However, the jury decided he did cause emotional distress for the teen and pressured him to create a sexual video. The jury also found Pugh liable of sexual battery. 

Extended cuts of Pugh deposition:

Warning: There is some explicit language and content

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