Shelby Township businesses busted for selling K2, spice

Shelby Township supervisor: To anyone selling K2, we're gonna get you

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Mich. - The sale of K2 has been illegal in Michigan since July 1.

However, Shelby Township police say two businesses, a gas station and tobacco shop, have been selling the synthetic drugs anyway. That ended Wednesday morning when police raided the businesses.

"Approximately $20,000 in cash, a large amount of spice and K2, which is packaged, also in crates and boxes in the back," said Shelby Township Police Chief Rolland Woelkers.

In June, Shelby Township residents staged a large protest at a Citgo gas station because it sold K2 and other synthetic drugs. At the time, it was still legal. When it became illegal, police began an investigation.

"We send people in and they make buys. Based on the buys we get search warrants, and that's basically how most narcotic investigations are conducted," said Woelkers.

The message delivered by law enforcement on Wednesday is clear.

"If anyone sells any kind of K2, or a substance like K2 in Shelby Township, we're coming after you. We're gonna get you. It may take a day. It may take a week. It may take a month. It could even take a year, but we are gonna get you," said Shelby Township Supervisor Rick Stathakis.

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