Shelby Township massage therapist sentenced for sexually touching women, forcing them to touch him

Nathan Weems sentenced to 2-15 years in prison

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. - A massage therapist in Shelby Township will serve prison time for sexually assaulting clients during appointments.

Nathan Weems admitted to assaulting two women during sessions that were just hours apart, officials said.

The two women who were sexually assaulted by Weems -- Janet Wist and Lori Georges -- said they weren't happy with the sentencing.

"I have emotional scars that will never heal," Wist said.

Both victims were inside a Mt. Clemens courtroom to tell Weems how the sexual assaults have changed their lives.

"Imagine how violated you would feel if someone broke into your home," Georges said. "This man broke into my body."

Weems pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the women. The assaults happened earlier this year at the business on Hall Road in Shelby Township.

"My daughter and Nathan's wife were 5 feet away," Georges said. "(He) obstructed his wife's view, who was massaging my daughter."

Wist was sexually assaulted hours earlier, police said.

"While Janet was talking to police, I was being sexually assaulted," Georges said. "I walked out in shock."

Part of the guilty plea was based on what's called a Cobbs Agreement, meaning there was an agreement on what the sentence would be: two to 15 years in prison.

"This doesn't diminish the reprehensible nature of your crime," Judge Richard Caretti said. "Somewhat reluctantly, I am going to follow the Cobbs Agreement."

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