Shootout between police and gunman in Inkster

Man was shot by police during shootout

By Shawn Ley - Reporter

Inkster, Mich. - A gunman that police say fired on them in a wild rampage is not doing well at a hospital in Dearborn.

Inkster Deputy Chief Hilton Napoleon just updated Local 4 News on the officer involved shooting that we've been following all morning.

What happened:

At about 1 .m., Inkster officers responded to a call of shots fired at an apartment complex just off Inkster Road and Annapolis.

They didn't know that they were walking straight into gunfire.

Napoleon says the suspect may have been shooting at another man who ran away just as officers were closing in on him.

The man ran, and when confronted by the Inkster officer, police say the man fired several shots from a semi-automatic handgun with a 30-round clip in it.

As the Inkster officer returned fire, an officer from nearby Westland responded, firing his weapon at the suspect. In all, more than 18 place cards are scattered on the ground at the complex, each place card indicating where a shot was fired.

Napoleon says it's still being sorted out which officer hit the gunman, but a source at the scene says the Westland officer had a rifle and it was his shots that brought the gunman down. 

Both officers were not hurt. They are on paid administrative leave, which is standard police practice, as the investigation continues.

IMAGES: Shootout between police and gunman in Inkster

Investigators with Michigan State Police are handling the investigation and are going over every inch of the area where the gun fight took place.

Local 4 is told the investigation is so intense due to the fact both officers may have been shooting towards each other as the gunman was caught in the middle. Napoleon says the officers used great care and reverted to their training which avoided a disastrous situation of officers potentially being hit by "friendly fire." 

Neighbors identified the gunman as a regular and unwelcome visitor to the apartment complex, often known for his alleged short fuse temper and willingness to grab his gun during disputes.

Local 4 is not identifying him until police officially release his name.

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