Sick Tricks: Top excuses for calling in sick

Survey finds the top excuses for skipping work

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Top excuses for calling in sick

There are the days when your throat is scratchy, nose runny and a killer headache, but chances are you've probably went into work.

30% of workers say they've actually went into work sick just to save those precious sick days to use as they choose.

According to a national CareerBuilder survey, those cherished get-out-of-work day can cure all kinds of ailments.

Employees are revealing their top tricks, some even outrageous antics, to get out of work.

1) False teeth flew out the window while driving.

2) Favorite football team lost on Sunday so needed Monday to recover.

3) Quitting smoking and was grouchy

4) Someone glued doors and windows shut so couldn't leave the house to come to work

5) Bit tongue and couldn't talk

6) Got lost and ended up in another state

7) Couldn't decide what to wear

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