Sinkhole growing near Mexican Village restaurant in Detroit

Sinkhole currently more than foot wide, about 15 feet deep

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

DETROIT - A sinkhole appeared three weeks ago along Bagley in the alley next to the popular Mexican Village restaurant, and it's doing nothing but getting bigger.

The hole is more than a foot wide and about 15 feet deep and so far, nothing has been done to repair it.

Severo Gonzalez, who owns the Mexican Village restaurant, has been getting nothing but the run-around from various city departments.

"I kept calling. The next day, the people next door called as well and all that happens is getting switched from department to department," said Gonzalez said.

Nearly three weeks later, there has been no action except for what Gonzalez has done himself: Tape off the alley with caution tape, pylons and planks over the hole.

The worry here is that it gets bigger daily and with the Cinco de Mayo celebrations coming up, there will be a lot of foot traffic here.

Local 4 called Mayor Dave Bing's office to alert them and they tell us they're on it.

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