Slain West Bloomfield officer's family gets special gift from dealership owner

Parkway Chrysler owner gifts van to Amy O'Rourke, widow of Officer Patrick O'Rourke

By Paula Tutman - Reporter


West Bloomfield police Officer Patrick O'Rourke was killed in the line of duty Sept. 9 when responding to a 911 call at a home on Forest Edge Lane.

O'Rourke, a father and husband, left behind a mournful family and community. On Thursday, one man gave back to the O'Rourke family by offering them a special gift.

It was one of those days Amy O'Rourke, Patrick's widow, was saying, "Whose life is this?" She doesn't even recognize it. She was plunged into the deep end of sadness when her husband was killed just a month ago.

However, on Thursday, she was able to smile.

The owner of Parkway Chrysler met Amy at a fundraiser in her husband's honor. Mike Riley decided he wanted her to have a new car. So he got her one -- a 2013 Town and Country with every button you could push. Riley was touched by Amy and her four children who are still struggling with broken hearts.

"It's one of those things that you can't ever make the world right for somebody but you can help make it better," said Riley.

Amy said if Patrick saw this gift, if he knew what was happening, he would tell her to enjoy it. She is trying to do just that.

"Tomorrow is our first big event. Andrea turns 5, so that's our first, 'first,' as they call it, without daddy," Amy said. "I'm sad about that. But, we'll tell her this is her birthday present."

It's a small, but meaningful bandage to help start healing her family.

-- Amy O'Rourke takes the driver's seat in her new van.

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