SMART Bus Disciplines 2 In Breast-Feeding Rider Flap

The SMART Bus company said Tuesday it had disciplined two of its employees who were involved in an incident involving a breast-feeding mother in Taylor.

Afrykayn Moon, a 32-year-old mother, said she went to board a SMART bus on June 24 in Taylor when she was stopped by the female driver, who told her she would have to cover up or get off the bus.

State law protects mothers from public indecency charges for breast-feeding. But Moon said she was very disappointed in the way she was treated.

SMART spokeswoman Beth Gibbons said the company had reminded its 600 drivers that women can breast-feed on buses. She also said the particular driver involved in the incident, a 13-year veteran, had been given a five-day suspension. Gibbons said a dispatcher who was also involved was given a three-day suspension.

"As the regional transit provider, SMART works hard to ensure our services are safe, convenient and reliable and that we comply with all appropriate federal and state laws. As such, SMART supports a mothers right to breast-feed her child. It is our policy to permit this activity on all SMART buses," the company said in a statement.

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