Soldier surprises daughter at school

Detroit father Sgt. Sedale Benjamin home from Afghanistan

By Jamie Edmonds - Reporter

DETROIT - A whole year has passed since Sgt. Sedale Benjamin has seen his little girl.

He spent a whole day traveling back from South Korea, and he can barely hold in his emotions.

"I want to cry, I'm trying to hold it in," Sgt. Benjamin said. "I haven't seen her for a year."

So, the sergeant went on a mission Thursday afternoon to surprise his little 3-year-old daughter in her classroom at the Children's Center in Detroit.

"Daddy!" Naveah screamed as she rushed into her father's waiting arms. "I've missed you," Benjamin said.

It's hard to hold back tears at this emotional reunion, classmates, teachers and Benjamin's family did their best to keep it together.

Little Naveah was camera shy, but it was clear by the grip she had on her dad the whole time he was there, that she couldn't be happier to see him.

What happens next?

"A trip to Santa Clause, Chuck E Cheese, whatever she wants to do," Benjamin said.

Spending time together, no matter what it is, is the best gift this father could give to his daughter. Benjamin is home for 30 days. He will be redeployed to Afghanistan early next year.

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