Southfield family sends 7 kids back to school

Sovran family has nine kids in all, first day of school is always challenging

By Steve Garagiola - Reporter/Anchor


The Sovran family has nine kids and the first day of school has always been a challenge.

The two oldest are out of college and living out of state, but children Molly, Annie and Mary Kate are all at Michigan State.

Molly is a freshman and says it's nice having sisters to help.

"I had no idea how, they came and helped me move in," said Molly.

It's a little crazy the night before, because those three Spartans are headed back to East Lansing, which leaves brother Dominic in charge of dinner.

Child number seven in the batting order is Hope.

Not long ago, Hope had a bone marrow transplant. She is an 11th grader this year and is going back to school for the first time in almost a year. 

"I'm so excited, oh my God. I can't imagine going back" Hope said.

The East Lansing crew heads out the door, and just like, that the long summer is over.

"One more trip, yeah a $100 wasn't enough, I got to go spend some more," said dad Andrew Sovran.

That's because kids Abby and Kathleen need a few more things for their big day.

So what is it like when everyone clears out? "I guess it's more like weird, because you are used to all the noise," said sister Abby.

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