St. Clair Shores considers using company the employs dogs to chase away Canada Geese

Goose Masters uses Border Collies to scare the geese off

By Will Jones - Reporter

St CLAIR SHORES, Mich. - The city of St. Clair Shores is on a wild goose chase, literally.

Canada Geese seem to be everywhere and of course, they're leaving little gifts behind that nobody wants. Wahby Park is overrun with the geese and their droppings.

The Canada Geese population has people in this community crying foul, "Their population is more than acceptable at this point," said Dominic Marini.

Over the years it's gotten worse at many city parks. The birds themselves aren't the problem; it's the waste that they leave behind at issue.

Experts say each goose can produce up to 2 pounds of waste a day.

"You see the size. It almost looks like human waste but it is green and it is all over the road," said Marini.

The city is considering several options, including hiring a company called Goose Masters based out of North Carolina.

"They are attracted to these areas usually and mostly because of the nice manicured short grass, which is what they prefer eating," said Kent Kuykendall from Goose Masters.

The company uses Border Collies to scare the geese off.

"They leave because they're all at once frightened by a quick movement, because they fear that they are going to be caught and eaten for dinner. But, it's all like a counterfeit instinct, because the Border Collie doesn't have any desire to grab or hurt the geese," said Kuykendall.

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