St. Clair Shores mother accused of son's dismemberment pleaded for him in court

Donna Scrivo became late son's guardian after death of his father

ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. - Macomb County mother Donna Scrivo broke down in court last May, two days after the death of her husband.

Out of concern for her son, Ramsay, who was battling a mental illness, Scrivo asked the judge for guardianship over her son.

Scrivo said she believes her son was going to kill himself and she wanted what was in best interest for him. She said she felt her son's life was in danger and he was not handling his father's death well. Investigators feared Ramsay was suicidal.

Scrivo was granted guardianship of her son. The judge says Scrivo seemed deeply concerned about her son and did not seem as if she would harm him.

Investigators believe Scrivo is responsible for her son's death. She is charged with his dismemberment and ditching the body parts in St. Clair County.

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