State Farm lawsuit accuses Mike Morse of aiding fraud scheme; Morse denies accusations

Morse denies claims by State Farm that he's part of fraud scheme

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®

BERKLEY, Mich. - Well-known Metro Detroit attorney Mike Morse is denying claims by State Farm Insurance that he's been part of a multimillion-dollar fraud scheme involving what it considers to be bogus medical treatments.

Morse isn't listed as a defendant, but State Farm believes it can prove he's behind the fraud. Morse and his lawyer said that can't be proven because it didn't happen.

State Farm claims a Berkley medical office once housed a company that charged it improper, sky-high fees. Documents say the fraud scheme was "designed to obtain money from State Farm Mutual by submitting ... bills and documentation for medical, physical therapy, chiropractic and MRI services purportedly rendered to individuals who had been in automobile accidents when, in fact, the services were either not rendered or not medically necessary."

State Farm tied Morse to the lawsuit through his former brother-in-law, Mark Radom, saying, "Morse represented at least 126 of the 178 patients in this case. ... He also received more than $2.5 million from Radom ... through payments for contractors for work on his home and for his private jet."

Radom isn't the only defendant in that corner of the case. State Farm admitted it doesn't have all the evidence on Morse and wants to get at Morse's records.

Morse's attorney released the following statement:

"State Farm has an enormous economic interest in trying to stop Mike Morse from doing the great job that he does in representing injured people and getting them the fair compensation they deserve from State Farm.

"What State Farm is doing and saying is wrong, and they know it, and our response to their motion will prove that. Mike Morse will not be deterred from winning against State Farm on behalf of his clients."

Morse and State Farm battled over this type of case five years ago, and the case ended up getting thrown out.

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