State gives developers in Detroit millions to convert 2 former hotels to apartments

Former Milner, Strathmore hotels will be renovated to also include retail space

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

DETROIT - Say goodbye to the old and vacant and hello to the new and occupied: there are new plans underway to renovate historic parts of Detroit.

Sue Mosey is called the "Mayor of Midtown" for a reason. As the president of Midtown Detroit, a nonprofit planning and developing organization, she had led several efforts to bring new life to the area. But Mosey's latest effort is even getting a boost with state funding.

Mosey is taking on the renovation of the Strathmore Hostel on West Alexandrine to turn it into an apartment complex.

The eight-story building currently sits empty and covered in graffiti.

The plan includes 129 apartments with 2,000-square-feet of retail space on the first floor.

The project is expected to generate millions in capital investment and create some jobs.

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation is behind $3.5 million in funding for the project, and is also giving the green light to another hotel renovation project – the former Milner Hotel on Centre Street.

It's been called The Ashley, but with $1 million, 61 apartments, office and retail space will be added to it.

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